About Us

Back in 2006 the Northern Beaches Rotary Club spoke on the new development in dealing with the loneliness, depression and isolation of ageing men.  The concept was to provide meeting places to bring men together for companionship and purposeful activities where men could continue to pursue creative blokey things and share life experiences. 

It took many months for the shed to finally be established and after looking at several options finally settle on the downstairs of the Scout Hall at 186 Irene Street. We have now purchased this property thanks to Warren Entsch and the Federal Government. To imagine the conditions that those inaugural members had to work from is unbelievable when you consider what we have now and indeed the Committee is looking to improve the facilities for all members each year.  This photo is what the shed looks like after $250k in renovations

Membership grows each year and we have over 130 paid up members and regularly get over 50 members to the “Official” monthly meetings.

We are a non-profit community club and do a lot of work for other non profit community groups. The Shed is basically financed by its members through a variety of enjoyable fund raising projects and grants from various organisations for major improvements and purchases.

We're the oldest and largest Men's Shed in Cairns. Although we work closely with other sheds in the area, none are officially linked or responsible for the other's actions. As such, the Cairns Men's Shed has developed around the needs of its members.

Throughout the year we assist many organisations and individuals by providing either physical assistance or the skills to undertake non commercial work. We are also involved with the Cairns Iron Man over a four day period which provides us with much needed funds.

DONATIONS to the Cairns men's shed are fully tax deductible as we are a registered charity and are endorsed as a deductible gift recipient. (DGR 1.1.9 A community shed).